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Mr Date of application and Judicial Review

There was a dispute on the date of application of a Points Based migrant. He had no rights of appeal. Permission for the Judicial Review granted.

Child’s 7 years residence

The Home Office refused the application by a mother and her child under 7 years residence ground. The permission for Judicial Review granted and the Home Office invited to withdraw the Judicial Review by a Consent Order. The Home Office granted them leave to remain.

Removal Direction

The client’s marriage with his wife broke down but they had a child born in the UK who was a British citizen. All applications failed and he was set to be removed from the UK.  We assisted him and the removal direction was cancelled and subsequently was granted discretionary leave to remain.

Tier 4 appeal- on CAP

The application was refused on the ground that the student had studied the maximum period allowed . The appeal was allowed by the Tribunal..

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)/ appeal

The Home Office refused extension of leave to remain. Appeal was allowed by the Tribunal.

Tier 1 (Investor)/entry clearance

He was refused but was granted visa after the successful Administrative Review .

Children’s settlement

The children’s application for entry clearance to join their father was refused on sole responsibility. We assisted them and but the appeal was allowed by the Upper Tribunal.


Applicant was accused of murder which he claimed to have not committed and sought asylum. The First Tier Tribunal dismissed the appeal and the applicant appealed to the Upper Tribunal. The UT allowed the appeal.

Victim of Domestic Violence

The applicant became a victim of abuse by her settled spouse and the application for settlement was refused due to lack of evidence but later he was granted indefinite leave to remain.


The client was convicted for a couple of years abroad. We successfully assisted him and the court ordered against the extradition.

Tier 4 Sponsor License

Assisted the college through the Judicial Review and the licences was reinstated.

Tier 2 License

Assisted the employer successfully to obtain Tier 2 license.

Tier 4 student/Refusal of entry on arriaval

He was refused entry at the port on the ground of using false documents /TOEIC English test certificate. Appeal allowed by the Tribunal.

Tier 4 – Administrative Review

Application refused and the decision was overturned by the successful administrative review.

Right of Abode appeal

The applicant was refused on the grounds of subsisting relationship and maintenance. Appeal allowed.

EEA Nationals and Family Members

The Home Office refused the EEA spouse’s application for the Residence Permit and we represented her in appeal . The appeal was allowed and she has been granted 5 years Residence Permit.

Citizenship reconsideration

The Home Office refused on the ground of lawful residence. Then we successfully assisted him and he was granted British citizenship.


The client was detained on some grounds. We represented him and got the Tribunal’s bail.

Curtailment – Long Residence appeal

The applicant was refused settlement on the ground that his leave to remain was curtained more a year ago. Appeal was allowed and he got indefinite leave to remain.

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