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Price Transparency

Our fees vary depending on the type of case. The Chambers operates normally on fixed fee rate.

The mentioned fees below are estimates only. If you have a particularly complex case, your fees may be higher than the estimates. Charges will vary according to the type of case and the volume of material, Please contact us at or email us at or and we will endeavour to provide a bespoke quotation. There may be additional costs, such as court fees, which are not covered by the barrister’s fees. Please see which gives an outline of court fees in England and Wales.

Initial Consultation fee:

Our professional fees for 30 minutes initial consultation meeting with Mr Hossain (the Head of Chambers) is £75 for immigration advice.

We will always provide you with a range of fee options to choose from, based on the level of service that you prefer as the fee varies for each service.

You’ll also have control over when you pay our professional fees.  Whether you wish to pay for everything in advance or agree a flexible installment plan, the choice is yours.


Free Enquiries

We do not charge for considering new enquiries.  Whether you are an individual or a business,  you can contact us for free and request for a quotation on your problem (CLICK HERE) or alternatively, email us at or and your enquiry will be reviewed directly by the head of chambers Mr M M Hossain.  We will let you know of his availability to advise you and provide you with a range of pricing options.

Fixed fee

We will charge a client a set amount of money for work. This removes the anxiety of not knowing how long the work might take and therefore the cost. However, by charging on a fixed fee basis we will be taking on the risk that the work may take longer than expected, and so may charge a higher fee to compensate for this. There may also be circumstances where additional fees are charged, these circumstances will be clearly set out in any fixed fee agreement that we reach with a client.

Additional Costs

Please note that there may be additional costs, such as court fees and travel expenses, which are not included in the barrister’s fees

Competitive Fees

Our fees are highly competitive because, unlike many traditional barristers, we work directly with our clients since we are a public access barrister which means we work without the involvement of a solicitor.  This means that our clients only need to pay for one lawyer rather than two. We also keep our overheads and fixed costs down by using electronic case- management systems and other technologies that ensure a streamlined service for our clients.

Areas of work

The fees and timescales given below are estimates only and do not include VAT. For a more precise quotation and information about timescales, as well as more information about the key stages in any type of case, please contact our clerks.

Application Preparation and Submission

“Depending on the type of immigration application our fee typically ranges from £500 and £1,500 excluding VAT. Because we approach each case individually and no two cases are the same, our professional fees for preparing and submitting visa and immigration applications also vary from case to case. Most paper works such as drafting of cover letters, organisation of documents etc. for applications are generally done within a reasonable time frame depending on the urgency or the expiry of the applicant’s visa. It also depends on he

There may be an additional charge for any subsequent work done such as responses or case updates etc. If subsequent work is needed on this matter, and if we agree to do any further work, there will be another letter of agreement between the client and the Chambers.

For Immigration Appeals the procedure is as follows:

Stage of case Range of fixed fees or
Lodging Notice of Appeal. This notice must be lodged within 14 days of the date of decision if the applicant is refused leave to remain from UK. However, if you have been refused entry clearance from outside of UK, the appeal must be lodged within 28 days of the date of decision. Our fees for lodging Notice of Appeal typically ranges from £500 to £600 excluding VAT (fixed fee).
Appeal bundle and preparation. Must be sent within 42 days of the Notice of Appeal or 28 days after the respondent’s bundle is received. Our fees for preparing appeal bundle and preparation for the hearing generally ranges from £600 to £700. excluding VAT (fixed fee)
Hearing in the First-tier Tribunal

The fee for Mr Hossain’s appearance in court ranges from £800 to £1,500.

Court fees are paid by the individual client, however we will assist/guide them throughout the whole process. All prices are exclusive of fees.

It is important to note that appeal cases and cases whose only recourse is a Judicial Review varies from cases to cases. Therefore, we approach each case individually. Because of this, our professional fees for preparing immigration appeals and providing representation at immigration appeal hearings also vary from case to case.

Factors that may increase or decrease our overall fee quote include:

  • The complexity of the legal issues in the case
  • The number of appellants, including any dependants;
  • The volume of supporting documents or witnesses;
  • The timeframe available to prepare the appeal;
  • The location of the appeal hearing;
  • Whether we were instructed to prepare an earlier visa or immigration application;

We accept payment in advance or by instalments and offer preferential rates where
there are multiple appellants and for returning clients.

We will be pleased to provide you with a range of fixed fee options to choose from,
based on the circumstances of your case and the level of service that you require, once we have more information about your matter.

For further information on fees you may request for a quotation by emailing us at

Civil Law

The stages of civil disputes varies from the kind of civil disputes. However, for any representation that we draft we generally charge £600 (fixed) excluding VAT. For court appearances, which can include substantive hearing to costs, Mr Hossain’s fee ranges for £800 – £2000 excluding VAT (Fees vary depending a range of factors).

Factors that may increase or decrease our overall fee quote include

  • The complexity of the legal issues in the case;
  • The number of parties involved;
  • The volume of supporting documents or witnesses required if the matter proceeds to court;
  • The timeframe available to prepare any drafts or hearings;

Minor Criminal Offences

For minor criminal offenses which may include


We will aim to complete any written/or advisory services within 28 days where possible.

If you need any advice and/or representation on an urgent basis then please contact our offices and where possible Mr Hossain  will aim to represent/advise you on that basis. If you wish to instruct Mr Hossain to provide the services within a fixed timescale, then you will need to agree this with him during the consultation.


Guilty plea fee to include preparation, conference and hearing


£8000 – £1,500 (fixed) excluding VAT


Brief fee for trial to include preparation, conference and day one of trial


£1,000 – £2,000 (fixed) excluding VAT


Family Law:

Mr Hossain can advise you if you and your former partner cannot agree on financial matters during, or after, a divorce. For example, you may not be able to agree on how assets should be divided, whether to sell your home or other assets, maintenance payments or pension sharing. If you cannot agree, you can apply to court for a financial order. You may need to attend a number of court hearings – our barristers can represent you in these hearings.

Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such as the value and complexity of your assets, whether you have children, how much you have already agreed with your former partner, and their approach. Written advice on your financial dispute will be available within 4 weeks where possible. As a guide, court hearings for a financial order tend to take six to twelve months. This does not include possible appeals.


Stage of case

Range of fixed fees or hourly rate (estimates)


Completion of Divorce filing


Our fees are £700 (fixed) excluding VAT. There’s a £593 fee to apply for a divorce which paid by the applicant themselves.


Written advice on your financial dispute

£500 (fixed) excluding VAT

Preparation of case, including meetings with you and assistance with drafting of any court documents

£600 (fixed) excluding VAT

First appointment (first court hearing exchanging financial information)

£300 (fixed) excluding VAT

Financial dispute resolution appointment (second court hearing to reach a financial settlement)

£500 (fixed) excluding VAT

First day of final hearing (if no settlement was reached in the financial dispute resolution appointment)

£1500 (fixed) excluding VAT

Court appearances per day, after the first day of the final hearing

£600 (fixed) excluding VAT

Employment Tribunal

Mr Hossain can advise both employees and employers on ordinary unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal claims.

Mr Hossain can represent both employees and employers at the Employment Tribunal.

Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such Mr Hossain’s availability, the complexity of your case, the need for additional documents and the other side’s approach. However, as a guide, more straightforward cases tend to have a hearing date four to six months of a claim being made.


Stage of case

Range of fees

Written advice on your claim

£500-600 excluding VAT (fixed)

Preparation of case, including meetings with you and assistance with drafting of any tribunal documents

£300- 400 excluding VAT (fixed)

Preliminary hearing

Dependent on complexity of case: £500-£1250 (fixed)

First day’s tribunal appearance

Dependent on complexity of case and length of hearing: £1000-£2000 (fixed)

Tribunal appearances per day, after the first day

£800-£1500 (fixed)

Remedy hearing

Dependent on complexity of case and length of hearing: £1000-£2000 (fixed)

Client Testimonials


“I went to see Barrister Mohammed Monwar Hossain in relation to my immigration appeal matter. His services, attitude, honesty, behaviours and representation were excellent. I am grateful for his help. My problems have been sorted out by him. Many thanks to him.”

S Gussi



“Mr Hossain is such a barrister who does not care about big fees but desperately helps people who faces immigration problems. I am an engineer and work as environmental officer in UK. I have no hesitation to say that if anybody has been failed and no where else to go, Mr Hossain will be able to do something”

Nasir Khan



“My immigration matter was about Right of Abode. It was very complicated and went up to the Upper Tribunal. Finally, I won the appeal and live in the UK. My case had long history but I highly appreciate for Barrister Mohammed Monwar Hossain’s hard work for my case. He has built good reputation for his work “

M Uddin

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